Supportive and Palliative Reflexology

Working alongside medical professionals, Reflexology is believed to provide relaxation and stress relief to people during this difficult time.


A sense of deep relaxation is one of the first and most noticeable effects that people receiving a reflexology treatment experience. This can be a temporary release from stress, tension or anxiety. It can also release muscle tension caused by stress. It can help a person go to sleep, which can aid the healing process.

Reflexologists only work on the feet or hands and the clients personal space is not invaded. At a time when a person can be undergoing a lot of medical intervention, a reflexology treatment can offer comfort, warmth and support and can reduce the feeling of isolation.

In this caring face to face relaxed atmosphere a patient is assured of professionalism and confidentiality with someone empathetic and sensitive to them.

Treatments can be seen as a ‘time out’ from their condition and some people will want to talk about things far removed from their condition. All types of communication are good and can be a distraction from their illness.

Each client and their needs are assessed on an individual basis and treatments are adapted to meet those needs.

Carers and Relatives

Carers and relatives can often feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Their anxiety and distress can often be of concern to the person being cared for as they worry how their carer is managing. During a time when there are many emotions: stress, fear, frustration and a feeling of helplessness to name a few, reflexology can help.

Reflexology gives them permission to take time for themselves, helping them to relax and cope with stress. It can help balance all systems of their body which may be affected by stress including boosting the immune system and aiding sleep problems. During a treatment it can give the opportunity to talk and express their needs and emotions and help them to release those emotions.

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